The Bright Side of Pessimism

Ja'ali Angrez


I can never understand people that stay happy all year long. I mean who are they fooling?

Themselves, most probably! Because skeptics understand the reality (read: misery) of life far better than them.

Beyond me why some people give in to hope and optimism when being positive has very many drawbacks, for example, it gives you energy and makes you happy. Now who’d fall for that colorful inanity? It is not a fragrant world that we inhabit. Everyday we wake up to smell thorns.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate optimists. I just can’t stand them.

I am just sure the thing they call happiness and contentment does not exist. I am pessimistically and despondently sure about it.

Nonetheless, everywhere you look, you see people applauding the energy and positivity of optimism but nobody will appreciate pessimism. What we really need to do is to take a break, put…

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